[Watch] Far Cry 5 Gets an Unnerving Story Trailer About the Eden’s Gate Cult

Far Cry 5 is coming soon to much excitement from the fans. The first-person shooter franchise known for its story-telling proves even more that Far Cry 5 will be another notch on the belt with its latest story trailer.

The antagonist and leader of the Eden’s Gate cult, Joseph Seed, monologues over multiple scenes of the atrocities he and his cult commit in the game. The video features various followers of his, obviously indoctrinated, talking about their leader and his goals.

Various gameplay elements are also shown, including what seems to be hand-to-hand combat. The player and an NPC are shown trying to infiltrate the cult and being caught.

A previous video shared that players will be able to interact with over 65 NPCs, which leaves a lot of opportunities for interesting gameplay. We know that every side character has a job purpose. Squads and units interact and banter. It will truly be two sides of a guerrilla war.

Check out the trailer and see for yourself what Joseph Seed’s plans for Hope County truly are.