For Honor Season 5: Age of Wolves brings dedicated servers and new training features

Ubisoft’s For Honor is about to celebrate its anniversary by introducing new content for season 5, dubbed, Age of Wolves. As with every new season, players can expect new gear, emotes, executions, balancing and of course, new weapons. But, perhaps more exciting than all of that is the arrival of dedicated servers.

With dedicated servers, players will no longer have to endure all of the headache-inducing issues like host migration, re-syncing and NAT requirements. Now, players can simply get into a game and have a smooth and hopefully lag-free experience.

Also coming in Age of Wolves is a new training feature that has more emphasis on a narrative that will help teach new players the intricacies of battle, while also encouraging experienced players with new warrior trials.

For Honor, Season 5: Age of Wolves will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on February 15.