Final Fantasy VII Remake demo datamine hints at PC version

Square Enix’ long-awaited remake of their seminal JRPG FF7 is mere months away from its release but new leaks are highly indicative of a PC version on the horizon. With the demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake leaking early, eager fans have managed to datamine it and discover interesting details.

The wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake has been pretty much as long as the entire console generation has been going. First announced during Sony’s E3 press conference in 2015, more than five years have passed already. Naturally, the thirst among fans for every little bit of info has reached its tipping point. Especially, since the first portion of the episodic release is at the doorsteps.

Square Enix is also preparing to release a demo for FFIV but somehow users in certain regions were able to download it prematurely. Dataminers immediately took to it and discovered some juicy new tidbits. According to their findings, Final Fantasy VII Remake is highly likely inbound on the PC platform. Twitter user roXyps3 confirmed her findings in a tweet. Notes about PC-centric settings like adjustable resolutions and AMD & Nvidia specific mentions are a dead giveaway.

Not long ago, it was quasi-confirmed anyway by the inclusion of a 12-month timed-exclusivity note on the renewed official box art. To be fair, chances of the FFVII Remake being a full exclusive on the PS4 were always slim, but it’s still nice to have more proof for it.

Just as a friendly warning, thanks to the demo leak, early game spoilers have also been unearthed and are currently making their rounds around the web. So, if you want to go into the game with a clean slate, we advise staying clear of forum talks and Reddit threads about the demo. Despite the game being a remake, we suspect many twists and surprises in store which are bound to shock even veterans of the game. But if you absolutely have to consume any form of info about the game, you can check out this image folder showing the demo – together with spoilers – in action.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is planned to come out March 3rd exclusively for the PlayStation 4.